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How Important is Financing For Small Business

Financing for a small business without good credit may seem impossible, but this is critical for any business to grow. Without financing, a business can not meet growing demands or buy equipment and facilities needed to expand. With the financial crisis that is occurring, credit and financing are getting harder to come by using banks and traditional financing methods. There are financing options available for businesses that do not have impeccable credit, but many times this is a scam, or it may not be as good as it seems.

Any business needs to have financing options available, especially in the current economic crisis. Even huge companies like the big three auto makers, including GM, Ford, and Chrysler, are experiencing difficulty because of a lack of financing. If these large corporations can not survive without credit, smaller businesses do not stand a chance. Financing may be needed for many different reasons. The business may need another warehouse, or to enlarge the current one. More inventory may be needed to create more products, which are needed because of increased consumer demand. Maybe the company needs a larger workforce so the business and product sales can expand. Whatever the reason is that financing is needed, without it the company may become stagnant due to an inability to grow, because capital is not available due to lack of financing.

Sometimes it may appear that you have many financing options, until you look at most of these options closely. Many times the financing may take the form of credit card limits, or vendor credit. These forms of financing may not be sufficient to keep a small business afloat. There are also programs which offer cash financing, but they offer it in such a low amount that it is not helpful. Unsecured business credit in the amounts that you need may seem like an impossible dream, but it is possible. Many businesses, especially small businesses, may not have an extended history or credit, and this can be a problem as well. Many small businesses may not be incorporated or have a strong history in business areas, which may cause most lenders to turn down a financing or loan application. Instead a program is needed that does not consider the credit history or the years in business when deciding to offer financing.

There is a program that can help you get the business financing you need, regardless of how big or small your company is. There are no credit or history checks with this program. No tax returns or business financial records are needed, and the entire process normally takes between thirty and forty five days. This program offers unsecured business financing, and the application process is simple. With the economic and financial crisis that is occurring, this program can offer a way for your small business to get the financing needed to stay competitive and in business, without having to jump through all the usual hoops, and face rejection again and again.

What Can You Do With an Online Finance Degree?

Whether you are already established in your career or just starting out, an online finance degree can open many doors. For those who are currently working, a degree in finance, particularly a Master’s in Business Administration, can mean promotion. For those who have yet to select a career path, a bachelor degree in finance can mean the choice of many excellent opportunities. In addition, having a certification such as CPA (Certified Public Accountant) is important if you want to broaden your skills or showcase your competence in the finance field.

A finance degree is essential for many positions in the insurance industry, such as actuary. It is also the degree of choice for financial consultants and investment analysts. A finance degree differs from an accounting degree in that the focus is much more on the strategy of protecting assets and building wealth than tracking activity. While accountants do perform some of the financing tasks, these same tasks are a full time job for the finance officer.

Some of the popular jobs for those with a degree in finance include:

Financial Manager – working for a bank, credit union or mortgage and finance company, as a finance manager you would be responsible for tasks such as lending, trusts, mortgages, and investments. You may even be involved with sourcing for business, directing investments of funds, running sales programs as well as managing electronic financial services.

Credit Manager – in charge of allocation and issuance of credit on behalf of the company, a credit manager is also tasked with setting the criteria for credit rating and determining credit ceilings as well as managing and checking on the status of past-due accounts.

Cash Manager – monitors cash flow in a company to effectively meet the business and investment needs.

Branch Manager – in a financial institution, a branch manager administers and manages all of the functions of a branch office, ranging from hiring staff, approving loans and lines of credit, sourcing for new business (sales and marketing) of their financial products and services and also customer service.

Risk Manager – as the name suggests, risk managers duties include among others, minimizing risk and loss that might arise from business transactions and operations, while devising the best ways to limit potential operational risks to the company.

An online finance degree can be the most convenient way for working adults to pursue their education in the most flexible way. It is also excellent for those who live a great distance from a university.

Many state universities and local community colleges offer online degrees in finance, as well as a great number of private institutions.

Attending classes online can be an excellent way to obtain your online finance degree. However, potential students should realize that they will need to be self motivated when pursuing this type of education. It is far too easy to procrastinate, and just like any class, falling behind can be disastrous.

To get the best out of your education, ensure you enroll in only accredited schools and compare the degree offering from various colleges to pick one that best fits your needs.

Franchisors As A Source Of Financing

Although not considered a traditional source of financing for franchisees, many franchisors provide financing. During the current recession many franchisors are finding ways to offer a financial boost to new franchisees. Here is some timely information pertaining to franchisor financing.

The first step in identifying whether a franchisor provides financing is to review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and in particular Item 10. This section of the FDD deals with franchisor financing. Another approach is to simply ask the franchise sales person if the franchisor provides financing.

Following are examples of financing that franchisors provide:

Debt Financing

A significant number of franchisors provide financing either directly or through third parties. In the many cases this financing is for equipment packages or real estate for the franchise location. There are franchisors that will hold the prime lease and develop the location. The franchisee will then sign a sub-lease with the franchisor that includes the basic rent plus leasehold improvements. This arrangement unburdens the franchisee from having to obtain the additional working capital for purchasing the land and/or developing the site.

Another example of franchisor financing is for the equipment package that could be leased from the franchisor directly or from a leasing company that the franchisor works with. Once again leasing the equipment is a source of funding for the franchisee.

In the majority of cases, these types of arrangements are usually found in franchises that require a substantial investment, such as upwards of three hundred thousand dollars. Most often found in the restaurant or hospitality industries.

Franchisors Financing the Purchase of the Franchise

There are franchisor’s that provide direct financing through the use of a promissory note. The note and its terms must be disclosed in the Franchise Disclosure Document. The note may be used to finance a portion of the franchise fee or starting inventory that is purchased from the franchisor.

A more recent practice by franchisors to emerge during the recent economic recession has been to discount the initial franchise fee. This approach appears to be increasing in popularity as franchisors are looking to assist individuals purchase their franchise.

In the event a franchisor doesn’t provide financing on a direct basis they may be able to assist their franchisees in obtaining 3rd party financing.

Other Franchisor Financing Options

There are some franchisors willing to provide a form of financing on a limited basis to an individual with impressive credentials. Having operated several franchise companies I’ve encountered a number of franchise candidates with the talent, experience and desire for a particular franchise who didn’t have access to the required capital. In certain instances I found a way to accommodate their financial needs. One of the tools we used included funding part of the franchise fee. I later included this feature in our franchise disclosure document. Had some of these individuals not impressed me and my management team with their credentials we would not assisted them. If you present yourself as a strong candidate to the franchisor but with limited funding you may be pleasantly surprised by the response of the franchisor.